World War 2 From India's Perspective

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Archives of Pravachan: The Art Of Charm

We all want to have a charming personality, but it is hard to understand what makes some people so attractive that even being around them makes you feel good.

In this 7-minute clip, I have tried to break down 4 practical rules that you can follow in social settings for a magnetic personality.

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WW2 From India’s Perspective

India gave 370Mn soldiers to the British empire for World War II, yet it’s a shame no documentary ever talks about the effects of WW2 on the Indian subcontinent.

This video by the Armchair historian fills the gap. WW2 from India’s perspective and how this war initiated India’s independence.

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Research Paper: There are no visual learners

We think all of us are unique and have a different learning style – the famous VARK model.

It's a common belief that some of us learn better by visuals, others learn better by listening, reading or writing, and the rest of us learn better by doing things (kinesthetic).

Turns out that this idea of learning styles is just a myth.

Researchers tested this in a study conducted in 2006 with a group of college college students. First students' learning styles were assessed using questions like, “would you rather read a paragraph or see a diagram/video describing an atom?”

When given a test in a randomized manner, the students whose preferred learning style matched their instruction performed NO better than the others.

Content I Shared This Week

Discipline and Distraction

Motivation is just a temporary uptick in your energy level.

Victory demands long-term efforts. For that you need discipline to stay consistent.

Find Your Leap of Faith

One thing that's common about the richest people in the world is that they all had big balls.

Taking risks is an indispensable part of winning in life. Even more than that, you should take risks for the fun and adventure of it.

Red Flags to Look for

The person you choose to be in a relationship with is a big decision. There's too much emotional energy at stake.

Being with a toxic person can literally rob you off your mental peace — to such an extent that it might leave some permanent scars.

Run fast if your partner has any of these!

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