The Failproof method to approach a conversation - Even your Crush!

The Rizz Master Opening Formula!


Remember that feeling when your crush is right in front of you - Your brain makes thousands of scenarios of talking with her and the moment just passes. You're left empty-handed yet again with your daydreams.

The fear of messing up holds you back and - it's fair!

The problem is not with you! It is - We were never taught the correct way to approach a woman.

I was like this once. Scared and insecure. But now, I am living the best of my life with an abundance of female interaction. I approach women with confidence and often set up dates.

And I will teach you just that! Approaching women is all about your charisma and body language, so make sure you check these 3 things:

  • Get in front - If you're to talk to her you want to approach her from the front instead of trying to just slip by for a conversation.
  • Body language and Eye Contact - Approach her with open body language, relax, maintain eye contact - be present with her.
  • Open your conversation the right way! Use, the "Opening Formula" and ace your first impression

Now, I've been specifically told by my team not to leak any more of the course content, but I want to leave you with set results.

Therefore, here is my infamous - "Opening Formula". Whenever you approach a girl, start like this:

<<Pre Opener - Hi, Hey>> pause

<<Opener Compliment -- You have a contagious smile>>

<<What am I here to do -- I just wanted to say Hi >>

<<Introduction - Hi I am Prakhar>>

Won't it be awkward? , What about different settings? How can I do it without looking like a Creep?

I will answer all these questions and even make you practice in real-time, but that will happen exclusively in AoC - Rizz Edition Masterclass!

A 4-hour LIVE Webinar to help you:

🎯 Find attractive women.

🎯 Bring out your True and Captivating personality.

🎯 Strike meaningful Conversations that leave your scent.

🎯 Go from nobody to setting up a date with attractive women.

The workshop is happening on the 20th of August and we are losing seats faster than Flash!

Less than 50 slots remain

Cheers, Prakhar Gupta,

Chief Evangelist,

The Pravachan.

Ground Floor, D-28, South Extension, Part-1, South Delhi., New Delhi, Delhi 110049
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