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What if Harry Potter was a Scientist?

published7 months ago
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Harry Potter And The Methods of Rationality

I am just a few chapters into this book and I already love it. The best part: it’s free to read.

In this world, Petunia (Harry’s abusive aunt) is married to a scientist. So Harry Potter is now entering the wizards’ world with a rationalist outlook and an experimental spirit.

This book is fan-fiction written by an AI and Decision researcher, Eliezer Yudkowsky, who is popularly known for his blogs on rationality.

You can download it in all ebook formats here. Or you can read it here.

Stories Are Like Religion

Stories are the adhesive that brings and keeps together a group of people. When you’re sitting in a cafe listening to your friend talking about his trip to Kasol, it’s not the truth, it’s a story, a fiction that he created — consciously and subconsciously. This is true for all conversations and interactions in any social setting you can think of.

Now, if you’ve read or heard Jordan Peterson you’d realize that religion serves a similar function. Read this blog to understand why fiction is essential for human societies.

How To Write Concisely

The most prominent characteristic of good writing is conciseness. Good writing is compact and straightforward. To achieve that you need to eliminate redundant words, phrases, and sentences.

This blog by the University of California shares great insights on Writing Concisely. If you want to be a good writer, learning how to write concisely is the first step.

Go, read it here!

Content I Shared This Week


I Graduated From Columbia

Watch my graduation vlog as my friends, classmates, girlfriend, and my parents meet as one of the biggest events in my life unfolds.

Go, watch it here!


How to Deal w/ Over-protective Parents?

Unless you live in a toxic household, your parent's decisions are not guided by malice but fear.

What YOU need to do is assure them that you will be okay and can be on your own.

That is the distance you have to go to get them to shift their ground.

You can watch it here