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Story of a Real Time Traveller From 1950 & 1876

published6 months ago
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What’s up admi gang, behen parivar?

You're welcome to read my 8th Prem Patra. I am absolutely amazed by the feedback we are getting for our curations. Keep loving!

Let's start our list to tingle your neurons.

Taleb’s Interpretation of Skin In The Game

Read Time: 6-mins

I religiously recommend Taleb’s book Skin in the Game. This blog is a great primer for anyone who’s hesitant about the book and wants to get a better idea of the central theme of this book.

The idea is simple: People act more responsibly if they are penalized for making a mistake while doing something they are responsible for.

Here’s a small snippet from it:

“[Skin in the game] is a risk management tool by society, ingrained in the ecology of risk-sharing in both human and biological systems.
The captain who goes down with the ship will no longer have a ship. Bad pilots end up in the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean; risk-blind traders become taxi drivers or surfing instructors (if they traded their own money).”

In the above excerpt, pilots, captains, and traders -- all have their skin in the game. If they make a mistake, they will also suffer the consequences.

The Real Time Traveller!

Read Time: 2-mins

In 1950, a man popped up in Times Square, NYC. Witnesses said he looked startled, and then a minute later, he was hit by a car and killed.

The officials at the morgue searched his body and found a letter sent to this address, in June 1876 from Philadelphia.

The articles he had with him showed no signs of aging. This is the story of a real time traveller!

Is Recycling a lie?

Watch time: 18-mins

We only recycle 9% of all plastic. Almost 50% of all the plastic waste goes to landfills. And practically, only a few of all types of plastic are recyclable.

This video claims that the idea of recycling was invented by the plastic industry just to make you consume more of it and ultimately profit them.

Go, watch it here:

Content I Shared This Week

Talking to My First Roommate

Perry Sidhu was one of the first people I became friends with in the States. He's the man who taught me how to be a man.

My goal in this conversation is to help you to benefit from some of his knowledge and improve yourself.

Meet the reasonable version of Andrew Tate.

How to Meditate

Meditation is no magic, but it can reveal to you the fickle nature of your mind and that you DON'T need to control it; just observe.

Naval talks about meditating 60 minutes for 60 days. I'll make it easier and call it for 30 days and 30 minutes.

Start Today!

Find Your Niche

I've said it often and I'll say it again. You are of immense value to the world if you are the best at what you do, your niche is just that.

Here's how you find it.