Prem Patra: Psychedelics & Near-death Experiences, Nietzsche Memes, Speak Like Donald Trump

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What's up, Sher gang?

Hope you had a great weekend. Feels great that we made it to the 10th edition of my Prem Patras. Here's your fortnightly dose of curiosity!

Reply to this mail and share what you are reading/watching/listening to this week — I will share some in our next edition.

My Favorite Memes r/Nietzsche

Nietzsche Starter Pack

Live By Values

Misunderstood Nietzsche

Nietzsche is probably the most misunderstood and difficult to understand philosopher of all time. Pop culture is the biggest culprit for doing this.

The least you can do to have some practical understanding of Nietzsche is to listen to Stephen West's podcast series on him.

You can Start here!

Psychedelics May Reduce Fear of Death – Similar to Near-death Experiences

In a study conducted on more than 3,000 adults, Johns Hopkins researchers compared psychedelic experiences with near-death experiences that were not drug-related.

They found significant similarities in both groups’ attitudes toward death.

Both those who experienced a near-death experience and those who had a near-death experience while taking psychedelics report less fear of death and a lasting, spiritual positive experience.

Download the research paper here!

Art of Answering Questions by Donald Trump

Irrespective of the political opinion you hold – there’s a lot you can learn from Donald Trump when it comes to conversation skills.

Probably the biggest takeaway is the simplicity of his language. The average American reads at an 8th-grade reading level. Trump speaks at a 4th-grade reading level to address and manipulate a wider audience.

video preview

Content I Shared This Week

Datecast #4: The Artist Life

Whenever I visit an art gallery, looking at paintings hung on dull walls, created a century ago—by people that I barely know—it makes me wonder what must have been going in their minds while they painted them.

I recently got the opportunity to explore that, to ask the questions I wanted to ask for so long.

Sakshi Lunkad, a dear friend of mine, does some extremely interesting kinds of art – very trippy, very psychedelic. I just wanted to figure out how she does that, so here we are.

video preview

How to Learn a Language

Language learning is not just another skill, it’s a tool for you to build a new thinking framework from scratch.

And so, immersing yourself in that and giving it enough space in your mind will lead to you internalizing it.

Watch here!

Antidote to Your Nervousness of Moving Abroad

I started my graduation when I was 21, which is considered VERY late in India.

I was moving into a new land, excited but nervous alike.

This video is a way for me to reach out to those who might have a similar nervousness.

Watch this video and follow these steps and you'll see things becoming easier for you.

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