Michael Scott Theory of Social Class, How to Power Nap & More

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The Michael Scott Theory of Social Class… 👔🤡

States that the higher you ascend the ladder of the Educated class, the more you become like Michael Scott.

In simple terms, it means that the more you have committed to being seen as interesting at something, the more you detach from reality and move into a construct of your own creation.

It's a very well-articulated, detailed, and surprisingly analytical essay. A few sentences about this essay won’t do any justice. Also if you’re a fan of The Office it will give you a little nostalgia trip.

Go read it here!

You (Probably) Don’t Exist

You might think that you are in conscious control of your life — but most of the time you aren’t. You live most of your life following the commands of your unconscious psyche.

To a certain degree, it is like living in a matrix. You think it is you who is living your life, but the rules and the playfield is set by somebody/something else.

This 8-min video essay will give you a minor existential crisis with a fresh perspective on life!

How to Power Nap 🐨💤

Probably the best hack I know to stay energized for the whole day is taking naps. Short naps are scientifically proven [PDF] to improve aspects of cognition such as alertness and memory.

However, if you are like me, you might have felt that sometimes naps make you more tired and even leave you with a headache. To avoid all of that and make your naps more powerful, read this article.

Read it here!

Qoutes to Share

"Slowly expose yourself to the things you are afraid of. With the friction of fear, you will forge the best version of yourself."

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“If you don't enjoy doing something, it's not going to be a long-term game for you.”

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“Great things happen when someone decides to say f*ck it and takes a leap of faith. TRUST YOURSELF!”

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Content I Shared This Week


The Curse of Winning Early

You think failure is bad? Winning is even worse. The problem with victory is that it is comfortable and the comfort of victory breeds inaction.

You cannot afford that in a world that is ever-evolving. Jeet gaye, game khatam ab kya?

Go! Watch it here.


Last week we had Raj Shamani on Datecast 2. We started our conversation by discussing about the cultural difference between US and India.

After which Raj shared his aspirations for the long run and then we moved ahead to discuss how desi youth dreams, significance of Indian education system, things I learned from Americans, etc.

Go! Watch it here.


Documenting Our Content experiments — something I’ve always wanted to do!

We have tried our hands on a lot of platforms – from YouTube to Insta and now to Twitter. When I started my content journey, I had no guides or handbooks to understand what will work and what won’t.

With our initiative “WhatILearnt.in” that is what we aim to do for the Prakhar who is just starting off. Two editions are already live about our recent learnings on Insta and YouTube.

Edition 1: Why Datecast Worked!

Edition 2: How We Cracked The Reels Game

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