Cognitive Benefits of Playing Chess, Philosophy of F**** C*** and much more!

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Cognitive Benefits of Playing Chess

In a study conducted in 1982, researchers found out that playing chess improves creativity and critical thinking.

Students of Bradford Area High School from 7th to 9th grade were asked to give standard tests of creativity and critical thinking. The kids in the chess group scored ~6X more than the kids in the non-chess groups.

Research Paper PDF

Archives of Pravachan: Capgras Syndrome

In my crazy conversation with Sid Warrier, we ranked some of the weirdest scientific mysteries. One such mystery is Alzheimer’s. We still don’t have concrete answers to what causes it.

We have got many strange phenomena in it, like the Capgras syndrome. Here’s a small monologue on it by Sid:

“In Alzheimer's, there is something called Capgras Syndrome. And what happens in Capgras syndrome is that your mother or father who has Alzheimer's forgets who you are and they start getting paranoid that who is this person feeding me, giving me clothes, telling me to do this, telling me to do that, giving me medicines. This has to be an imposter. Probably somebody has hired them to kill me and I need to get out.”

Ranking TOP 10 Mysteries Science can't answer with @Siddharth Warrier

Philosophy of F**** C***

Fight Club is arguably the most influential movie of our time. It's the epitome of a pop-culture social commentary.

In this video essay, the narrator highlights the philosophical aspects of this movie.

Go, watch it here!

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