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Bertrand Russell’s Commandments for Life, Dance of Mars & Jupiter, and more!

published3 months ago
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What's up, Sher gang?

Hope you had a great weekend. Welcome to the fifth edition of my Prem Patras — your fortnightly dose of curiosity!

Reply to this mail and share what you are reading/watching/listening to this week — I will share some in our next edition.

Bertrand Russell's Ten Commandments

Bertrand Russel is probably the most brilliant logician and philosopher of the 20th century.

He wrote about a lot of things from war, politics, sociology, and education, to sexual relations and divorce.

Here are ten commandments for living in a healthy democracy from Russell that will teach you to be more tolerant and logical.


Money: The Megaphone of Identity

Money is essential for human survival. But after a certain point — when you have more than what you need to fulfill your basic needs, the money dynamics change a lot.

This beautifully illustrated article talks about three phases of the money spectrum — Survival, Freedom, and Power.

You will find useful insights on how to operate at all these phases in the best possible way.

Go read it here!

Dance of Mars and Jupiter

For the pleasure of your visual senses, I have for you the celestial dance of Mars and Jupiter while they orbit around the Sun.

Watch it here!

Content I Shared This Week


Devdutt Pattanaik Destroys Beta Historians On PGRadio

We had this week the OG Indian Mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik. We touched upon a lot of points from Indian political discourse, Romila Thapar, Rama Rajya, Dharmic morality, Rajiv Malhotra, etc.

video preview


Antidote to Insecurity

Insecurity about your looks is very common, you are not the only one thinking that you are short, thin, fat, or ugly.

What matters is if you get stuck in your head and don’t get ahead of it. Create your own game, set your own rules, and keep playing – forget about the world.

Go, watch it here!

Desert or Dessert?

If you occasionally find yourself mispronouncing one as the other – don’t worry – English is a funny language!

People have asked me hundreds of times how can they improve their spoken English. My answer has been the same every time: Practice.

It is impossible to learn a language just by reading its grammar rules. You need to get involved in the process.

Now to practice spoken English you need a second person to have a real conversation. This is where Cambly comes in. An application I recently tried that lets you talk to native English speakers.

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Go, try it now!